Débrider le CDI du kymco dink 50 4 Temps

 Apres le changement du canon par un lisse et du ressort de contre pousser par un 1000 rpm DMC, je viens de changer le CDI par un cdi racing acheter sur rabbitscoot. Celui-ci m’a apporter 8 / 10 Km/l (bien élancer) en monté. Par contre je suis a 8200 tr/min pour un 70 Km/l. Vidéo prise avec un blackberry z10

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    1. None of the ones I have seen will go that far with out a recharge. What kind of roads are you teivrlang on. Look at kymco scooters the smallest will get you about 35 mph and over 100mpg. They have them from 50cc to 500cc. They are reliable scooters with a two year warranty and they are price less than the high dollar jap ones even thought Kymco is rated better.

    1. Hell no. Haha. There is no way an electric sctooer of any kind would have battery let alone a motor big enough to carry you 72 miles, and I’m not calling you fat by any means. Even if you were going 72 miles straight down a hill with the motor running it would most likely die. I doubt an electric sctooer would be able to get up a hill even if it were fully charged. If you’re looking for a cheap ride that’s fuel efficient, look for a gas powered sit-down sctooer or a moped. Good luck!

  1. bonjour j’ai un problem avec mon bloc cdi mon scooter et un botian revato BT49QT et je ne sais pas remonter les cables alors avez vous un lien pour m’expliquer comment remonter les câbles sur le bloc cdi je vous en remercie d’avance de vôtres reponse

  2. Hi! Have delighted in onniwg the Guzzi since 2005, but unfortunately the body parts have let me down and now must retire to riding pillion. We are talking about getting a GoldWing or similar, can you trade my Guzzi 750ieNevada 2005 model to help please? I bought it from u guys, as new, u have the service record, well almost.The agreed value by my insurance company is around $8,000. Can we talk Turkey, or what? Maureen 0458162216, PS, got anything to trade?

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